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'Hi, your work is so good.' .....CAROLE BOX

'I take back what I said about them my photos being great, they're fantastic!!!!!!' ...... NICKY BEAN

'The loch panoramic shot is outstanding.' .....ROSS THOMPSON

'Just had a quick look through your site - some fabulous pictures!' .....JO GOTLEY

'What can I say, one of the best photographers sites I have seen, not only the wide range of subects that you cover but also the site layout. Both are excellent. I wish you every success with your venture, with your talent that should not be difficult.' ..... MIKE KAMEI (APPLECART PHOTOGRAPHY)

'Thank you for the excellent way you judged our competition. It was felt at the club that you were constructive and fair in your comments and had obviously spent some time viewing our images. It was generally agreed that it was a good and entertaining evening and we hope you will agree to come again in the future.' ..... CYNTHIA & GEOFF MALLIN (HANHAM PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY)

'just wanted to let you know I was totally blown away by your photos, in my humble opinion it is work of the highest order.' .....KEVIN DAVIES (DFP TV)