Rachel Husband also offers a photo editing and full retouching service. Below is a list of some of the options available (NB. if what you want isn’t listed, then please contact Rachel Husband to discuss).
  • Red, white or green eye removal
  • Straightening or cropping
  • Lightening or darkening
  • Colour cast removal and improve colour
  • Removal of unwanted objects i.e. airbrushing
  • Restoration of old photos
  • Portrait retouching
  • Reshaping
  • Photo effects, i.e. sepia, black and white etc
Unfortunately Rachel Husband is unable to give a standard pricing option on retouching as each edit is very different to another, but as a guide the majority of retouching can be done at a cost of between £5 and £30 each (re-printing, if required will be an additional cost). Contact Rachel Husband for more details and to obtain quote.

Disclaimer: For retouching purposes Rachel Husband will presume that the images you wish edited are either your own, or that you have permission from the owner of the photo to do so. Rachel Husband accepts no responsibility for any copyright or legal issues associated with altering images that do not belong to you.

To view examples, go straight to the 'RETOUCHING' gallery.